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          • Employees

            Volt typically employs an average of 35,000 people, including approximately 30,000 who work on contingent staffing assignments for our staffing businesses and are on our payroll for the duration of their assignment. Our employees are an essential element of our success and we do everything we can to help them thrive, including specialized training (as their job requires), career development opportunities, and mentoring with industry specialists. We foster a diverse, collaborative work environment and encourage employee contribution and engagement because we believe that more ideas and insights about our business drives better service to our clients.


            Industry Leadership

            Best Professional Recruiting Firms, Forbes Magazine, 2018
            Global Power 100 – Women in Staffing, Rhona Driggs, President, VCG, 2017
            Global Power 100 – Women in Staffing, Rhona Driggs, President, VCG, 2016
            National Staffing Employee of the Year, American Staffing Association, 2015
            Baker’s Dozen, HRO Today's Top Managed Service Provider Companies, 2015, 2014
            L.A. #2 Staffing Firm, Los Angeles Business Journal, 2014
            Care Award, American Staffing Association, for Volt Military Heroes Program, 2014, 2012


            Corporate Headquarters

            Volt Corporate Headquarters
            2401 N. Glassell St.
            Orange, CA 92865
            Phone: 714/921-8800

            Stock Information
            Ticker: VOLT

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